Introduction to VTM Vietnam Software Corporation

VTM Vietnam Software Corporation is professional software corporation located in Vietnam. VTM Vietnam Software Corporation is an active member of Vietnam Software Group (VTM group).

Brief history of VTM Software Group is as follows:

  • VTM Japan was founded in 2004, in Kawasaki City, Japan. Japan is huge market for software development, software outsourcing and mobile services. VTM Japan is owned by Vietnamese Japanese individual shareholders, some local Japanese individual shareholders and Japanese Corporations.
  • VTM Vietnam was incorporated in 2006. VTM Vietnam is positioned as Software Development Center because VTM Vietnam has advantages in human cost and manpower. VTM Vietnam has investors from Japan, Vietnam, USA, Canada. 
  • VTM Mobile was incorporated in 2003, dedicated for Mobile Solution and Mobile Services.

We have been deeply involved in following businesses:

Software development domains

  • Web Application Development using sophisticated JavaScript
  • Mobile Application Development including iPhone and Android.
  • Windows OS desktop Application Development
  • Apple MAC OS Desktop Application Development
  • Embedded Software Development.
  • Flash-based web game and animation using HTML5.

Highly experienced in Big Data Projects 

  • We provide solutions to Telco in Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia, USA.
  • Clients in US with Database size up to 300 GB, Clients in Vietnam with Database size up to 450 GB

High secured Web Applications

  • We have customer in Banking, Payment Solution
  • Online solution to trade Logical products like Airtime for Telco, valuable product like Gold over Internet.


Highly experienced in Web/Mobile Solutions

  • The projects involve Server Side developed as Web Application, which have both PC Web interface and Mobile Web interface, can support several thousands of concurrent connections. End Users mainly use Mobile Application clients to access. The mobile Applications are available in both iOS and Android. All accesses are in secured mode.
  • We used to have two separate Mobile Solutions won not only the first Medal and but also the second Medal in a Mobile Solution Contest in 2013 in Japan. Another Web/Mobile Solution developed by us have been deployed widely in the second biggest Mobile Operator in Vietnam, being used by 2500 salesman of them.